Thursday, September 30, 2010


I'm pretty upset about the growing level of conservatism in Michigan right now. The current numbers show that Virg Bernero (the more liberal, Democratic candidate) is behind Republican Rick Snyder (who I admittedly don't know that much about) in the Michigan governor's race, and living in Holland is enough to make me think that the whole state is turning into some anti-liberal, homophobic, religious haven. I take solace in the fact, though, that we still have places like Ann Arbor.

However, Andrew Shervall, an assistant in the Michigan Attorney General's office, has taken it upon himself to crusade against the University of Michigan (located in Ann Arbor) and its new student body president - a gay student by the name of Chris Armstrong.

Check out this video outlining the story and then check out Shervall's blog (link below).

One comment on this video: Shervall mentions co-ed housing as "a radical redefinition of gender norms". 
I loathe gender norms. I have a lot to say on this topic. More later.

Shervall's blog can be found at:
Some highlights:
  •  "Exclusive" photos from a party that got broken up by the police (He probably took them himself. Creeeeepy.)
  •  Screenshots from Armstrong's friends' and supporters' facebook pages, in an attempt to discredit them as being homosexuals, liars, Bible-bashers, law-breakers, underage drinkers, and all kinds of "scandalous" things.
  •  Obsessively stalking Armstrong's facebook and noting when anything has been changed or deleted, saying how Armstrong is clearly trying to "cover up secrets". Right. Maybe he just doesn't want to give you more fuel for your crusade?
Funny enough, Michigan's Attorney General, Mike Cox, has been a huge proponent of keeping the public safe from internet predators and reducing cyber-bullying. Hmm.

UPDATE: the blog has been made private. Also, click the link for a piece on Andrew Shervall from last night's Daily Show

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